Useful Links on the Internet

Epping Weather Site My original weather site with daily readings for Epping, Essex from 1979 to 2013
Winter 1947 My Winter 1947 website with details of a notable winter in the UK
MWIS Weather forecasts for Scottish hills
BBC Weather Site Full of useful information.
UK Met Office A big site. Lots of useful information, well worth exploring
Ant Veal's Weather Site A big site acting as a gateway to many useful weather sites
Roger Brugge's Weather Site As above
The Royal Meteorological Society Home of the Royal Meteorological Society
The Scottish Weather Network Weather stations in Scotland
UK Science Weather Frequently Asked Questions A collection of FAQ's from the newsgroup. A very comprehensive collection of questions (and answers!)
Wetterzentrale German weather site. Go to 'Kartenarchiv' and then 'Bodendruck' for maps from 1899
NASA Satellite Pictures 'Real-Time' (click 'Terra Orbit Tracks' for UK Pass Times) or use thumbnail pics
Wind Animation and Forecast map-Interactive This is an excellent resource. Click on the map at your chosen location and lots of useful goodies appear
Weathercharts Charts, Satellite Pics and other Weather Links for UK, N.Atlantic and Europe
Netweather A useful site with many forecast charts
Panoramas Great site. World wide labelled panoramas. Scroll down for Scotland etc
British Isles Webcams Excellent collection of webcam links from Newhall (Derbyshire) Weather Station
Meteoblue -set for local forecast A really useful forecast and weather conditions site

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