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Bear in mind that links like these tend to come and go. I shall check them regularly and update where necessary. YouTube is also worth searching for winter 1947 clips
Winter 1947 Winter 1963
British Pathe News Film Archive preview clips-just put in your own search term e.g. 'snow 1947' The late Mike Tullett's 1962-63 website Daily charts and reports
UK Met Office Account of 1947 (and 1963) Richard Wild's Site on Snow and Snowstorms
Trevor Harley's account of 1947 Trevor Harley's account of 1963
Dan Suri's account of 1947 Snow on Britain's railways 1958-1987 + lots of pics
Watchet, Somerset Trawden, Lancashire
Botley Hill, Chelsham, Surrey snow album Windsor 1963
Milltown Memories (Hebden Bridge) Winter 1962/63 on Exmoor by Kevin Roscoe
Snow on the Moors (Ryedale) Frozen sea at Herne Bay, Kent (Colour film clip)
Abertillery 1947 Frozen sea at Minster, Sheppey, Kent early 1963 (Information supplied by Jack Reid)
Bradworthy (Devon) Weather Station BBC London account of 1963
Snow in the Scilly Isles UKMO Snow Survey of Great Britain 1962-63
Bream and district, Forest of Dean
Bream Page 2
Tintern- including winter 1947  
Photographs from Weather Magazine ,vol II, 1947, added 21/01/2004  
Doveholes, Barras, Uxbridge, Runnymede & Esher  
Film Clips of snow clearance on the railways-links at end of article  
River Roach (Essex). Big Freeze 1947 (and '63) from Clive King's website  
Lancashire 1947 and 1963 (Scroll down for 1947/63 photos)  
Snow scenes at Lingdale, Cleveland  
TopFoto Gallery-Winter 1947 (you will need to enter winter 1947 to the page's search box)  
A film clip from Lindfield, W.Sussex in 1947 (?)  
Birkdale Shepherds This song tells the story of two shepherds trying to save their flock in a snowstorm in Birkdale, N. Yorks, on 23 November, 1836  
A Night in a Snowstorm (East Riding of Yorkshire)  
Rushden, Northants From The Rushden Echo and Argus, February and March 1947